Angustia expedition, log entry 1

This is the first log in my journal after that start of the expedition two week ago. I was kinda pissed on the guys in ISES for sending me to The Formidine Rift so i skipped updating my travel log for a while. Not that i usually write every day anyway...

Long story short - i am in The Formidine Rift in a brand new, heavily engineered DBX, traveling towards Angustia region, a God forsaken place full of shiny brown dwarfs, looking for "something unusual".

You read that right. That was the description they provided me in the debriefing... Fucking bureaucrats. And when i asked them to be more specific, their reply was - "You will know when you see it.".
I was thinking if just telling them to fuck off but man, the payment was good. Also i will keep the ship when i get back. "Clever Dream" is the name. A really nice ship. Heavily engineered for exploration with a jump range of 72LY and maximum of 78LY if i run on fumes and refuel for one jump only. Fast engines, lower heat signature, low-powered shields, extended scanner and a brand new fuel scoop. They also slapped two rail guns on this one. Made them lightweight as possible but still... I asked them to remove them so i can gain at least 1 or 2 LY more in jump range but they refused. Said that the jump range of the ship is enough for the mission and i may need the guns.

That got me wondering what am i stepping into. Never heard of exploration mission requiring weapons, but as i said - the pay was good and the ship was good, so... what the hell. If i need to shoot someone down - so be it. However i may need to stop at some asteroid field or planet ring for some target practice. I haven't shoot anyone since my days in the Imperial Navy and i am a little rusty on that side.

Anyway. My first stop was the four abandoned settlements from the "Project Dynasty". I haven't been there and since i was going towards "The Zurara" decided that i will make a quick stop and look around. These are now tourists locations. They where discovered few years ago and a lost megaship "The Zurara" a few months later. Still nobody knows who was behind the project and why everyone involved had to die.

My second stop was the megaship "The Zurara". Orbiting the first planet in Syreadiae JX-F c0 system a terraformable HMC. The ship is now guarded and secured by the Cannon Research, however one of the communication ports is still open and you can review the old logs found on the ship to understand what happened.

The Zurara
The Zurara

The moment they arrived in orbit and declared the mission to be over, the cargo crew snapped. They destroyed the hyperdrive and the life support systems, killed everyone who tried to stop them and after that killed themselves. The crew on board slowly died once the clean air has finished. That's the legacy of the "Dinasty Project". A ghost ship and four empty settlements in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, and a high body count of innocent people...

I was told that i need to scan the megaship on arrival and wait for further instructions, so i did that and decided that i will just stay there for the night and hope that the instructions will arrive during my sleep so i can continue to whatever the next day. There are no money for me sitting and waiting in an already explored system.

The next morning i had a message waiting for me in my comms. I really short one:
Angustia region.

You know guys, you can be a little bit more specific of what the hell should i be looking for in this region. The whole region is just a bunch of brown dwarfs at the edge of the galaxy and nobody is even remotely interested in it. And you are telling me to go there and start looking for "something unusual"?!?!?
I know you are gonna read this once a get back and i am not going to pretend that i am not pissed by you and this ridiculous mission.

And so, i got my destination and i should start charting the route towards Angustia and deciding how to proceed with the exploration of the region. It seems that i will be there for a while...

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