A long awaited update

Greetings Commanders!

It has been many weeks since i wrote in my journal but i finally had some time to write down few things.

First of all i need to say that i managed to finish the Distant Worlds Expedition. It was with some delay, but i managed to get there in time and it was one hell of a journey. And by that i mean it was boring as hell. The journey to Beagle Point was just jump-scoop-repeat. Nothing much during this journey except few close binary stars which i noted in my ship's log and will made them public soon. Fortunately i was lucky that i always exited Witch space from the safe side so no damage was done to my trusty ship.

Once i reached Beagle Point there were still few commanders there and there was actually a search party for Jaques station which was expected to arrive there. However, we didn't manage to find Jaques, and few weeks later some lonely explorer found it near the Core. Jaques actually never made it past half of the way to Beagle Point.

I stayed there a few days more in order to fill up my reserves with FSD Boost materials and then decided that it is my time to leave. Since i already had some POI's in mind that i wanted to visit, i started the engines and plotted a course towards The Treehouse.

The Treehouse is a small and beautiful system. It was once the distant system from Sol ever reached. I stayed there for a day and then continued my way towards Podar.

Podar is an interesting system which has a ringed Earth-Like and two Water Worlds. The system also contains High-Metal Content planets which can be used for resources if someone decides to make a colony at the end of the Galaxy. Stayed for a few days there. The place was really beautiful and actually i was wondering if i can stay forever. However after four days have passed i decided that it is my time to go. Packed everything and started my journey back through The Abyss.

The journey through The Abyss was uneventful. I did manage to find some interesting systems there, but most of the journey was manual routing and searching for FSD Jump materials as at some point my reserves started getting thinner. Needless to say i managed to go through and after that it was easy but very boring journey to Colonia.

Reaching Colonia was a blessing, also the Jaques bar was a big plus. After selling all of my exploration data there i got my first billion and finally reached Elite rank in exploration. Time for a celebration!

Few days after that i departed from there heading back to home. I really need to get back, get some vacation and after that a new ship and get out in the black again. I heard that there are now some engineering dudes which can make your FSD jump farther and your ship lighter and faster. We will see. I could really use a ship with a better jump range. But nevermind that. I am almost at the fringe of The Bubble and can't wait to get back home.

See you in the black Commanders!

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