Today i decided to make an EVA and check the ship. It is still keeping in one piece except the paint around the canopy.

The Jumping Rabbit

I really hope that it will be ok and no cracks will start to appear as this will be a very bad situation for me. If the canopy glass starts to crack i have nothing to fix it with.
The good thing is that this is not probable to happen, however i am a little bit cautious.

I have returned to the ship a little less worried and decided to view the data i gathered in the past week when i noticed something strange - some of the data was corrupted and missing.
Damn it!

Reviewed it again and then checked the data for the week before - the later was intact, however the first one had missing information. This is really bad. If i have missing data i will need to return back and rescan the systems which will break my already late schedule of reaching the Rosette nebula.

After some time thinking what to do i decided to first run a diagnostics on the ship to see if everything is working correctly. If i have something broken this may be the reason why i am getting a corrupted data. I managed to dig out the diagnostic module, plugged it in and then made myself a good cup of tea since the diagnostics usually take from half to hour. After it finished i have finally found out why some of my data was corrupted.

My scanner was damaged and not working properly.

Now this is not something you can fix by yourself on the way but i have no other choice than to try. It took me six hours to disassemble it and run a diagnostic on every single part.
And nothing. There was no error detected and everything was working perfectly fine according to the maintenance tool.

I was so exhausted that i was unable to think clearly and already started planning the fastest way to get back for repairs so i decided that i will get some sleep before taking the step of turning back the ship.

Sad but true A warm welcome