Nothing much in the past few weeks...

I haven't discovered anything interesting in the past weeks except for some Water Worlds (the last two where tidally locked. Yay!).
I also found some shipwrecks on my way, one of them is still making me think how it got there. It was an Eagle...

Except this the only interesting thing was my stupid move two weeks ago. I ended up in a beautiful binary system and decided that i will scoop by flying between the two stars.
Never do this! Ever!
I was lucky that only three modules suffered a minor damage from the heat before i disengaged and fled away from the stars.
Sometimes when you think that something is a good idea you need to kick yourself in the butt before deciding to actually do it.
At least my canopy is still undamaged 5k LY from home.

But today i noticed an issue in my flight controller. It drifts away slowly on the left roll side. I think this may be due to the overheat issue in my scooping stunt two days ago.
I will disassemble it later today and try to figure out why it is behaving like this and fix it if i could. It's not a big issue but it's annoying. Especially when you leave the ship motionless and touch the flight control stick by accident and send your ship slowly rotating...

UPDATE: The flight controller is now fine. It was just a loose screw.
I am already at Rosette Nebula now i will finish my survey within two days (i hope) and i am heading back home. There will be no more entries in this blog until January when the Distant Worlds Expedition will start.

Fly safe Commanders!

The voyage begins... Sad but true