The voyage begins...

So, it has begun... The Distant Worlds Expedition has started for me.
I know that the official start is on 14 of January but since i am being a Cartographer and Prospector i decided that i will leave early in order to be able to scout the nearby systems around the waypoints and if have enough time to prospect some planets for FSD Boost materials.

I am going to make log entries for my expedition route so i want to start with some details first.

  • Departure date: 03.01.3302
  • Departure system: Shinrarta Dezhra (Founder's World)
  • Last populated system: Yorates

And some starting statistics from the game:

  • Systems visited: 1000
  • Total Hyperspace Distance: 22290 LY
  • Total Hyperspace Jumps: 1431
  • SRV Distance Traveled: 190 KM

I will update these on the end of the journey to have some summary how many systems i visited and how much distance was traveled during the expedition.

I know that the Distant Worlds Expedition can be completed very fast, however i am going to keep the pace lower as usual, scan and prospect as much as possible around the waypoints, move just one step ahead of the main group and meet with them at Beagle Point.
And what about when we reach Beagle Point? Well... I am not planing of going back directly after we reach our destination. Instead i've been thinking about staying out in the dark for a few more months and exploring the more unknown parts of the galaxy. Also i will be now able to go and visit a star which i was unable to reach in my first exploration trip - so, going towards it will take time.

Sun Dog has departed

And so, on 03.01.3302 i have departed towards Shapley 1 in my new exploration ship - ISV "Sun Dog".

The trip to Shapley 1 was actually very fast. I was also able to find and unexplored system on the way. We will see if it is still unexplored when i get back.

The Wolf-Rayet star at Shapley 1 is a beautiful beast.

Shapley 1

However, there are no planets there so the base camp will probably be somewhere else. It is still not decided yet.

I have reviewed the nearby systems and found some planets that needs prospecting and may render some useful materials for FSD Boosts for the smaller ships in our expedition.

Found a system with two rocky-icy bodies which can be used to replenish your SRV fuel or ammo materials.

Fine Ring Sector SY-R b4-8

And i was able to find Ytrium on the first metal-rich planet i started prospecting in Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 (the planet is B 1).
It took me some time until i found it, but it was worth it. Now i have one Premium FSD Boost.

There are two high-metal content planets that needs prospecting in this system, but i am tired and will continue tomorrow.

Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 1

Landed on Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 2 for the night and the sunset was beautiful.

Fly safe Commanders!

Prospecting is a tough job Nothing much in the past few weeks...