Prospecting is a tough job

You may think that driving on the surface on an unknown planet is fun, but when you are looking for certain materials for hours the fun goes away.

Yesterday i spent almost all of my time prospecting on Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 2. The terrain was very bumpy so i needed to watch my speed and not loose any concentration. Going a little faster and my SRV could end up taking damage or blowing up.
I was driving more than two hours, looking for materials and i couldn't find any that can be used for FSD Boost. However there where plenty of materials for SRV repair and refuel.

Well, at least the sight was beautiful.
Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 2

After finishing the survey on Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 2 i head out towards Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 3.
It was a small high metal content planet with a gravity of 0.60G. The other two planets gravity where half of that so i was wondering why i am moving a little faster this time when i was descending.
Descending on Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 B 3

I managed to land very close to this big crater and once i was out in my SRV i immediately heard the sweet metallic sound on my wave scanner.
Half hour later and i have tons of Germanium for my FSD Boosts. However i was so exhausted that i decided to get back in the ship and sleep. Will continue gathering materials tomorrow.

Fly safe Commanders!

Still prospecting in Fine Ring Sector The voyage begins...