Still prospecting in Fine Ring Sector

And yes i am still there and still roaming around the planets with my SRV trying to find materials for FSD Boosts before the main fleet arrives.
I think i may skip some days updating the blog as it will be all the same.
A large beautiful crater

Well, at least i found some good materials and manage to fill up some of my reserves. Will need more Ytrium, Polonium and Niobium tough, as currently i have materials for only one premium FSD Boost.

At least i finished prospecting in Fine Ring Sector IR-W d1-116 system.
Some other prospectors in the region needed help with HIP 77701, however until i managed to find free time they were already finished.

And so i headed out towards HD 143056.

It's a beautiful system and the main star is a class G giant (G8 III). The system have 11 planets, 6 from them landable (one metal-rich and 5 high metal content).

Landing on HD 143056 1

I saw two craters from orbit and i wanted to land between them, but descended too fast and dropped out few kilometers away from them. So decided that i will stop at the first one which was smaller. Well, i need to say that this small crater and the small hill beside it was actually large. You start to get the dimensions only after you land and you are driving around in the SRV.
I can imagine the size of the other crater. It is probably huge and will need at least half-hour or hour driving just to get there.

Anyways, i managed to find some Germanium, Niobium and Polonium, thus expanding my reserves of FSD Boost materials.

HD 143056 1

That's it for now. I may write again once i am finished prospecting in the Fine Ring Sector unless there is something interesting to share.

Fly safe Commanders!

Two close calls to death Prospecting is a tough job